Make sepsis the #2 killer in hospitals.

Make sepsis
the #2 killer
in hospitals.

Faster detection combined with automated intervention.

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LUMINARE signs enterprise agreement with Cedars-Sinai Hospital

2023 LUMINARE signed an enterprise agreement with Cedar-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. Watch the early announcement before a packed house at the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Demo Day in Las Vegas, NV!

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Make Sepsis the #2 Killer in Hospitals

The only thing worse than sepsis being the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals—is the fact that it’s preventable.

Sepsis is the number one killer in hospitals because the health-tech industry primarily focuses on speed of detection as the answer to improved sepsis outcomes- but speed alone is not enough.  It’s speed combined with automated intervention that results in faster treatment. 

LUMINARE implements the hospitals sepsis protocol by automating intervention, streamlining inter-departmental communication, and simplifying reporting and analytics through a simple dashboard.

With LUMINARE, faster detection combined with automated intervention leads to stopping sepsis deaths, reduced length of stay, and a thriving frontline staff.

Poor sepsis outcomes are already costing hospitals and families more than they can afford!

LUMINARE offers EMR integrated patient screening upon admittance, followed by tech-enabled once per shift screening thereafter.

LUMINARE eliminates over-analyzation and second guessing by frontline staff, empowering them to confidently execute effective interventions. (Nurses at Cedars-Sinai Hospital have called LUMINARE “Sepsis for Dummies”!)

LUMINARE integrates with your existing sepsis protocol to measure performance against your own success benchmarks inside of our powerful analytics dashboard.

LUMINARE equips your CNO to optimize workflows, manage assignments and identify potential staffing problems. LUMINARE improves nursing compliance for identifying sick patients, offering greater insights through surrogate markers of good nursing behavior.

LUMINARE eliminates alert fatigue through stunning accuracy, and empowers nurses by providing clear, actionable steps to intervene in SBAR format. LUMINARE reduces unnecessary workload, validates nurse intuition, and increases peace of mind with our elegantly enhanced SIRS screening checklist.

LUMINARE improves clinical documentation on SEP-1 compliance for 3 and 6 hour bundles, and enables your CDI team to catch documentation opportunities in real time, pass audits with confidence and decrease denial of claims.

With LUMINARE, faster detection combined with automated intervention leads to stopping sepsis deaths, reduced length of stay, and a thriving frontline staff.

Contact us to Make Sepsis the #2 Killer in your Hospital.

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How do we Do It?

Watch how LUMINARE improves sepsis outcomes in hospitals– explained in 2 minutes!

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LUMINARE has three tiered offerings– from a standalone product that requires no integration, to an intermediate automated version that can be deployed in a few weeks, to an enterprise SaaS platform that can be implemented within a matter of months.

Stand Alone

30-day trial


Enterprise Lite

Flat fee

Annual Contract


Per Patient Day

Annual Contract

The goal of our tiered offerings is to de-risk your organizations decision to work with LUMINARE. Contact us today to set up a no-pressure consultation and learn how your organization can benefit from better sepsis care, at a more reasonable cost.

We wrote the book on AI!

(well… we co-authored the sepsis chapter)

Learn why AI generated sepsis alarm built outside of your hospital will not work in the sepsis-related chapter entitled “Developing and Deploying a Sepsis Deterioration Machine Learning Algorithm”. Co-Authored by Cedars-Sinai Hospital staff and LUMINARE CEO and Co-Founder Sarma Velamuri MD.

Strategic Partners

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Published by Luminare

Peer Reviewed Journal Article on Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning for Process Improvement in Sepsis Management.
Although machine learning algorithms have better predictive capabilities, their effectiveness in the clinical setting is limited as studies show mixed results because the medical staff often fails to intervene.

- Velamuri et al J Healthc Qual Res. 2022 Oct 29 doi:10.1016/j.jhqr.2022.09.006

"NTT DATA understands that LUMINARE has cracked the code for sepsis detection and treatment in hospitals. Their integrative approach, best-in-class team, and subject matter expertise is second to none. I’m excited to see where our partnership takes us in 2023."

Lisa Esch

SVP Healthcare Provider


"The benefits are just wonderful - highly recommend this to any healthcare facility to partner with Luminare if they want to see the same results and to have a real impact on the reduction of sepsis."

Celia Barrera MBA, BSN, RN, BSHCA, CPHQ

Dir. of Quality and Operational Excellence


"From the bedside nurse from the RT to the ICU nurse to the physician the entire team constantly tell me as a CEO that this product works-that it saves lives. It's definitely helped me as a leader. "

Amy Rodriguez



"LUMINARE has been instrumental in helping the county keep up with demand."

Dr. Phil Huang

Dallas County Director of Public Health


"I'm happier because I can see the patient is doing better. I'm not seeing the patient when he's down to tubes and sicker and a ventilator, on dialysis fighting for their life. Now we are seeing them earlier. "

Husam Issa, MD

Infectious Disease Consultant


"Luminare takes next to no time. And it’s easy to use. It works!"

Melanie Fleck, RN



"We have seen better outcomes with patient safety and rate of appropriate treatment."

Alesha Collins MSN, MHA, RN

Chief Nursing Officer


"If you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. Luminare works because it asks the right questions, makes you think and pay attention."

Pauline Latham, RN



No CFO gets fired for saving lives or making money.

With Luminare, you can do both.

We know hospital CFOs genuinely care about patient outcomes along with the financial health of their hospital. When your hospital improves patient outcomes in a financially sound way, everybody wins.

From a financial perspective, it’s expensive to overlook a patient who develops sepsis. A 400-bed hospital that’s billing and coding for 80-100 patients with sepsis every month is likely missing another 20 undiagnosed patients. With an average reimbursement of $10-15K, your hospital could be losing up to $300,000 per month in reimbursable expenses.

Can your hospital afford to lose $3.6 million a year?

More accurate billing and coding documentation with our CDI program can result in a 10% improvement in CMI. Improving sepsis quality care can also result in a 20% decrease in ICU length of stay, in addition to decreasing other avoidable expenses in patient care from antibiotics to other expensive interventions.

Luminare helps your hospital stay vigilant and act fast. In less than a minute, Luminare processes information in the patient’s medical record combined with the nurse’s assessment in real time and provides clear, actionable steps for hospital staff to intervene.

Get your patients home faster, save valuable time and resources, and ease unnecessary strain on your hospital staff with Luminare.

Contact us for more on how you can make money and save lives at your hospital.

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World-class Sepsis Expertise and Thought Leadership

LUMINARE C.E.O. and co-founder Sarma Velamuri, M.D. is a world-class sepsis expert and thought leader committed to “making sepsis the #2 killer in hospitals.”

Dr. Velamuri is a published, board-certified Internal Medicine physician. Among his many accomplishments, he was named lead hospitalist at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) on the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) sepsis committee. & appointed as the 2018 Sepsis Champion for HCA-Houston.

He also served as the Medical Director of a Fortune 500 company and is an active board member at the Texas Medical Center Sepsis Collaborative. Dr. Velamuri presented as the keynote speaker for Stanford University’s Hack from Home healthcare innovation hackathon and has spoken at various other premier events including the FBI’s Biotechnology Security Summit and University of California-Berkley’s Hacks for COVID panel 2020.

LUMINARE brings innovation to hospitals through best-in-class patented medical workflow solutions that increase revenue and save lives. LUMINARE presented its life-saving sepsis detection solution at the HIMSS EPIC Interoperability Showcase in 2021, was awarded “Most Promising Web & IT Company” in the U.S. by the Rice Alliance for Web & IT, and is proud to be a part of the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute.

To book Dr. Velamuri for consulting, speaking engagements, or media appearances, please email

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Our workshops Improve sepsis outcomes quickly– and within your budget!

With our one-day, onsite consulting workshops, LUMINARE delivers improved sepsis outcomes quickly– and within your budget! Our high-impact, low-disruption workshop is designed to guide, support, and equip your organization to reach its full potential regarding successful early sepsis detection and treatment.

Step 1:

We guide you every step of the way as we interview stakeholders, and document the clinical, financial, and technological needs of your organization.

Step 2:
Onsite Visit

We perform an onsite visit and Gemba Walk to evaluate your clinical, financial and technological needs with key stakeholders, leadership team and Sepsis Committee.
Step 3:
Plan of Action
Step 3:
Plan of Action
We thoroughly analyze, synthesize our finding and then present our plan of action to your team with clear next steps on successful sepsis detection and treatment.

Contact us today to set up a no-pressure discovery call and learn how your organization can benefit from a LUMINARE Sepsis Outcome Improvement Workshop.

As Featured In

LUMINARE has over 75 press and media mentions in the last two years including coverage on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Forbes, Associated Press, Texas Monthly, Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, and more.

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Luminare accelerates the speed of sepsis detection to save lives, reduce alert fatigue, and increase revenue through improved clinical documentation. Luminare requires less time, inputs bedside data directly into the EMR, and provides clear, actionable steps for hospital staff to intervene.
Data Abstraction is the foundation to Luminare’s portfolio of healthcare solutions. Leonardo is an automated abstractor medical record information from free text from notes and reports for targeted medical conditions. Leonardo helps your service line coordinators with data for accreditation and certification reporting, advanced analytics, and clinical decision making.
Luminare’s end-to-end Multi-Agency Emergency Response System (MARS) is built for managing community events. Featuring a centralized public portal to register for services and a back-end workflow management solution for meeting the needs of your community in a regular event, public emergency, or disaster.
Designed for public health departments and large enterprise or educational systems as an end-to-end solution that manages a high volume of vaccinations.
An innovative syndromes surveillance disease screening tool to identify and screen illnesses in your community or get your employees back to work safely. Also available for public health applications and enterprises.
Luminare Sepsis Memorial Grant Seal in Purple and White

Luminare Sepsis
Memorial Grant

Our founder, Dr. Sarma Velamuri, M.D., is board certified in internal medicine and worked as a hospitalist at a major academic medical center. He always thought that was the entirety of his career path until one day his friend’s daughter died of septic shock in his ICU. Dr. Velamuri perceived this devastating loss as a personal failure. Soon after, he mortgaged his house and started LUMINARE.

Luminare has since grown from two people in a garage to 36 team members. We’ve quadrupled our revenue in the last two years, and have over 75 press mentions in major media including Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS, and more.

To accelerate the process of solving sepsis, Luminare has allocated $1M to the Luminare Sepsis Memorial Grant. The grant is an allocation of funds that removes perceived barriers to entry and de-risks the opportunity for qualified hospitals to pilot Luminare in situations where they either don’t have the immediate liquidity or bandwidth to implement. Qualifying organizations not only have the desire to stop sepsis before it becomes fatal, but they also understand the key to solving sepsis is increasing the speed at which it’s detected.

The grant is not for major hospital systems whose economic viability is obvious, but rather for smaller or acute care facilities—ideally those who already have a staff of sepsis-solving champions in place.

General requirements include meeting screening compliance thresholds, implementation of best practices, data sharing with Luminare, and participation in periodic focus groups, marketing surveys, and testimonials for the duration of the grant. 

Apply for the grant below to see if you qualify for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month deployment of Luminare at zero financial cost to your organization.

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Luminare can detect sepsis 15x faster.

LUMINARE is accelerating sepsis detection with a revolutionary, award-winning, breakthrough for solving the medical emergency of sepsis. Read how LUMINARE’s implementation at two CHG Hospitals has resulted in detecting sepsis a staggering 15x faster than the national average.

Award-Winning, Life-Saving, Revenue-Generating Healthcare Workflows
Luminare Award for Interoperability Showcase Company by CDC: HIMSS, NACCHO 2020
Luminare Awarded as UCSF Digital Health Awards Quarterfinalist by Best Hospital Diagnostics Company 2020
Luminare Awarded as Plug and Play Health Batch 11 by Plug and Play
Luminare Awarded as Most Promising Web & IT Company by Rice Alliance in 2017
Luminare is a TMCX Alumni
Luminare Awarded as Propel@YH Accelerator Alumni 2022 - 2


“All the data. All together. On one screen. It doesn’t override your judgement. I really think [LUMINARE] saves time in the end and it’s really doing the heavy lifting for you.”

– Cait, RN

“[LUMINARE] makes me feel safer in my practice. I don’t really know how I did it before. It’s like sepsis for dummies!”

– Alex, RN

“[LUMINARE] is a really helpful tool to point out who’s septic. This is a valuable tool.”

– Kate, RN

“Paper could get lost in translation. This is in the computer and you see it right there. [LUMINARE] is easy.”

– Desiree, RN

“It actually saves us more time. You can’t mess it up.”

– Victor, RN

LUMINARE takes nurses less time, inputs bedside data directly into the EMR, and provides clear, actionable steps for hospital staff to intervene.

As a former hospitalist, our founder knows how hard hospital nurses work. Missing sepsis is an expensive proposition for nurses whose time is already limited. It can take them up to two hours to care for a runaway case of sepsis.

In less than a minute, LUMINARE processes information in a patient’s medical record combined with the nurse’s assessment in real time and provides clear, actionable steps for hospital staff to intervene.

Nurses love LUMINARE—but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how LUMINARE makes less work for nurses—and saves lives.

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Sarma Valamuri M.D.


Marcus Rydberg



Doug Erwin

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