Stopping Sepsis. Saving Lives.

Early Detection combined with Automated Intervention
powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In just 5 months, we were able to provide the following
benefits to the #2 best hospital by quality in the U.S.

$11.2 M
Revenue Increase
Based on revenue generation from increased ICU capacity
reduction in ICU
length of stay
for Septic Shock Patients
ICU days
Added to hospitals capacity
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Our Mission

LUMINARE's mission is to harness the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical workflow to produce the best clinical and financial outcomes for healthcare organizations.

Why Sepsis A problem for you as a hospital

#1 cause of death

of patients in hospitals

#1 cause of Readmissions

1.7m Cases Annually

of sepsis in U.S.

26.5% Mortality Rate

among Medicare beneficiaries between 2012 and 2020

Most Common form of medical malpractice Suits

against hospitals


EHRs don’t solve
the whole problem

EHR Systems are not customizable to each hospital’s unique clinical workflow

Alerts are not accurate and contribute to nurse fatigue

Limitations in time for test results/labs lead to delayed alerting for sepsis

Patients are caught later than earlier

Patients in waiting rooms that are at higher risk get worse before being assessed

Delays in patient information cause nurses and clinicians to assess patient inaccurately

Even if patients are caught later, it requires more extensive treatment protocols that add more strain to the workflow


Right resources are not utilized at each step of the care process

Patients that are higher risk are not being prioritized

Delays in identification lead to delays in treatment

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