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Designed for public health departments and large enterprise or educational systems as an end-to-end solution to manage a high volume of vaccinations.

An innovative COVID-19 screening tool to get your employees back to work safely. Also available for public health applications and enterprises.

MARS by Luminare is an end-to-end Multi-Agency Response System, for managing community emergency events. MARS has a centralized public portal to register for services and a back-end workflow management solution for meeting the needs of your community in a pandemic, public emergency, or disaster.

Onsite Workshops

Our team also provides one-day, onsite consulting workshops, LUMINARE delivers improved sepsis outcomes quickly– and within your budget! Our high-impact, low-disruption workshop is designed to guide, support, and equip your organization to reach its full potential regarding successful early sepsis detection and treatment.

Step 1


We guide you every step of the way as we interview stakeholders, and document the clinical financial, and technological needs of your organization.

Step 2

Onsite Visit

We perform an onsite visit and Gemba Walk to evaluate your clinical, financial and technologica needs with key stakeholders, leadership team and Sepsis Committee.

Step 3

Plan of Action

We thoroughly analyze, sythesize our finding and then present our plan of action to your team with clear next steps on successful sepsis detection and treatment.

Contact us today to set up a no-pressure discovery call and learn how your organization can benefit from a LUMINARE Sepsis Outcome Improvement Workshop.

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